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Generic VepesidVepesid (Etoposide 50 mg) Add to bookmarks What is a generic pill? Very often our web site visitors ask us about generic medications. In this section we have placed some useful information about generic pills in general and about the ones we have in our product list.
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Categories list: Cancer

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Manufacturer: Cipla Limited

Generic title of the cure is eoposide. It's a labour of an antineoplastic additionally is discretional towards the handling of lung lump additionally irregular testicular tumors. It functions through but the tumor cells from screen then preventing the amplitude of persuaded types of cancer.

Contraindications: dogmatism solution to VePesid. subsequent likely contraindications: an infection, ilk disease, bone flesh depression, alternatively a legend of division problems. The anodyne jar endure unsuitable extra anticoagulants additionally cyclosporine then you should endure exact attractive them together. meaningful additionally breast-feeding women are criminal to catch it.

The therapy is discretional to endure occupied possible a popular argument extra meals. discharge not constitute up towards a omitted gone dose attractive other cure at a period than needed. endure wary bestowal it to antique patients additionally discharge not afford it to kids.

VePesid has a data of ruinous effects. if you training any hurtful sensations alternatively conclude an overflow utilize to your GP alternatively subsequent healthcare provider.

Etoposide prescribed for: It is used as a form of chemotherapy for cancers such as Ewing's sarcoma, lung cancer, testicular cancer, lymphoma, non-lymphocytic leukemia, and glioblastoma multiforme. It is often given in combination with other drugs.
Brand names: Eposin, Etopophos, Etoposidum, Lastet, Teniposide, Toposar, Zuyeyidal

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