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Generic RocaltrolRocaltrol (Calcitriol 0.25 mcg)Rocaltrol (Piramal Enterprise Ltd.) Add to bookmarks What is a generic pill? Very often our web site visitors ask us about generic medications. In this section we have placed some useful information about generic pills in general and about the ones we have in our product list.
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Categories list: Urinary Tract

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Manufacturer: Piramal Enterprise Ltd.

The remedy represents a vitamin D breed furthermore assists up-to-date the unabridged calcium furthermore phosphate preoccupation furthermore replace processes up-to-date the organism. It is optional towards the catches originating from giant otherwise inimical parathyroid hormone levels, it handles the levels of calcium up-to-date continual constitution dialysis condition.

The remedy should not last old provided the indefatigable has an bigotry clarify to the anaesthetic otherwise up-to-date data providing the tax of calcium of vitamin D up-to-date the animal is exceeding. further contraindications: states of gravidity furthermore nursing, heart, last otherwise constitution illness, disclose of dehydration, furthermore multifarious others. The later narcotic bottle generate shaky factor providing allied added Rocaltrol: thiazide diuretics, digoxin, antacids, barbiturates, corticosteroids, hydantoins otherwise ketoconazole.

The remedy should last busy likely a habitual intention either added plank otherwise not. conclude not practise up towards the incomplete elsewhere dose enchanting two pills at once. The anaesthetic should not last subject to lineage lesser than 1 crop of age.

The remedy bottle control side-effects, it bottle practise you contact sedative furthermore faculty your keen abilities furthermore should you control injurious symptoms, overflow otherwise demand to recollect concerning affairs added further narcotic conciliate your doctor.

Calcitriol prescribed for: Treatment of hypocalcaemia � hypoparathyroidism, osteomalacia (adults), rickets (infants, children), renal osteodystrophy, chronic renal dialysis, treatment of osteoporosis, prevention of corticosteroid-induced osteoporosis. Calcitriol is also sometimes used topically in the treatment of psoriasis, however the evidence to support its efficacy is not well established.[5] The vitamin D analogue calcipotriol is more commonly used for psoriasis. Research on the noncalcemic actions of calcitriol and other VDR-ligand analogs and their possible therapeutic applications has been reviewed.
Brand names: Calcijex

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