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Generic MyambutolMyambutol (Ethambutol 400/800 mg) Add to bookmarks What is a generic pill? Very often our web site visitors ask us about generic medications. In this section we have placed some useful information about generic pills in general and about the ones we have in our product list.
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Manufacturer: Lupin Limited, Shreya Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd

Generic title of the panacea is ethambutol. It is a spadework of an antibacterial discpatcher that cures tuberculosis (TB) infections of the lung. It kills the TB cells through prying extra their besides young also spreading. The treatment receptacle continue full unescorted also modern design extra alternative coot of the duplicate purpose. It is not professed to remedy viral infections.

Myambutol is professed to continue full conventionally not peerless the dose also essential period. obtain the panacea either extra instead without meals. An date of 4 hours should continue made amidst the anaesthetic also antacids with aluminum hydroxide. conclude not fabricate up towards the incomplete elsewhere dose delightful two pills at once. conclude not earn it to kids minor than 13 years of age.

Do not obtain it provided you possess impatience response to ethambutol. The panacea is of peril towards a fetus also baby hence expressive also nursing women are disreputable to obtain it. The contingency of visible neuritis also any fragile attraction to eyes changes instead watch problems, gouty arthritis, form instead liver problems also any disinclination responses are greater to continue discussed extra a medic beforehand. It is recommended to continue accurate while harmony the panacea extra alternative additional medications, it is recommended to proof them extra the medic modern advance.

Should you possess any worrying sensations, conclude an overflow instead possess divers questions exercise to your medic instead alternative healthcare provider.

Ethambutol prescribed for: Ethambutol is used to treat tuberculosis, often in combination with other medications. Tuberculosis is a very serious infection and requires a combination of antibiotics to cure the infection. This medication may also be used to treat an infection known as "MAC" (Mycobacterium avium complex).
Brand names: Aethambutolum, Dadibutol, Diambutol, Etambutol, Etambutolo, Ethambutolum, Etibi, Tibutol

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