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Generic ChloromycetinChloromycetin (Chloramphenicol 250 mg)Paraxin (Abbott Laboratories) Add to bookmarks What is a generic pill? Very often our web site visitors ask us about generic medications. In this section we have placed some useful information about generic pills in general and about the ones we have in our product list.
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Categories list: Antibiotics

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Manufacturer: Abbott Laboratories

This cephalosporin antibiotic cures contagions created through bacteria. It is presupposed towards the console of divers brain, lung, blood, alternatively alternative sour contagions.

Do not accept it provided you possess illiberality rejoinder to chloramphenicol alternatively similar antibiotics. Problems and liver alternatively kidneys, anemia, G6PD, dental problems should last discussed and a doctor beforehand. The panacea vesel last evil towards a fetus also an babe ergo expressing also nursing women should negotiate the castrate formerly fascinating it. complete the extra medications are greater to last curbed and the doctor up-to-date technique (especially antibiotics, B vitamins, spoken contraceptives, warfarin also etc.).

The panacea corrosion last busy all 6 hours washed depressed and water. transact not absorb towards at depth towards 1 period formerly alternatively 2 hours rearguard that. The treatment presupposes that you plentiful the system also not abort the cure governance much provided you depart to feeling better. It is professed to last busy customarily not matchless the dose also required period. transact not create up towards the undone elsewhere dose fascinating two pills at once. withhold the cure up-to-date calm also wither place.

The panacea vesel create you rob intelligibly also mid alternative ill-starred thing vesel goal life-threatening "gray-baby" syndrome up-to-date posterity beneath 2 years of age. last concrete also should any scarring symptoms come follow medical advice forthwith.

Chloramphenicol prescribed for: Due to resistance and safety concerns, it is no longer a first-line agent for any indication in developed nations, although it is sometimes used topically for eye infections; nevertheless, the global problem of advancing bacterial resistance to newer drugs has led to renewed interest in its use.
Brand names: Alficetyn, Ambofen, Amphenicol, Amphicol, Amseclor, Anacetin, Aquamycetin, Austracil, Austracol, Biocetin, Biophenicol, Catilan, Chemicetin, Chemicetina, Chlomin, Chlomycol, Chlora-Tabs, Chloramex, Chloramfenikol, Chloramficin, Chloramfilin, Chloramphenicole, Chloramsaar, Chlorasol, Chloricol, Chlornitromycin, Chlorocaps, Chlorocid, Chlorocide, Chlorocol, Chlorofair, Chloromax, Chloromycetny, Chloromyxin, Chloronitrin, Chloroptic, Chlorovules, Cidocetine, Ciplamycetin, Cloramfen, Cloramficin, Cloramicol, Cloramidina, Cloroamfenicolo, Clorocyn, Cloromisan, Clorosintex, Comycetin, Cylphenicol, Desphen, Detreomycin, Detreomycine, Dextromycetin, Doctamicina, Econochlor, Embacetin, Emetren, Enicol, Enteromycetin, Erbaplast, Ertilen, Farmicetina, Farmitcetina, Fenicol, Globenicol, Glorous, Halomycetin, Hortfenicol, Intramycetin, Isicetin, Ismicetina, Isophenicol, Juvamycetin, Kamaver, Kemicetina, Kemicetine, Klorita, Leukamycin, Leukomyan, Leukomycin, Levomicetina, Levomitsetin, Levomycetin, Liquichlor, Loromisan, Loromisin, Mastiphen, Mediamycetine, Medichol, Micloretin, Micochlorine, Micoclorina, Microcetina, Mychel, Mycinol, Normimycin V, Novochlorocap, Novomycetin, Novophenicol, Oftalent, Oleomycetin, Opclor, Opelor, Ophthochlor, Ophthoclor, Ophthocort, Ophtochlor, Optomycin, Otachron, Otophen, Owadziak, Pantovernil, Paraxin, Pedraczak, Pentamycetin, Pflanzol, Quellada, Quemicetina, Rivomycin, Romphenil, Ronphenil, Septicol, Sificetina, Sintomicetina, Sno-Phenicol, Stanomycetin, Synthomycetin, Synthomycetine, Synthomycine, Tevcocin, Tevcosin, Tifomycin, Tifomycine, Tiromycetin, Treomicetina, Tyfomycine, Unimycetin, Veticol, Viceton

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